A body corporate is a group that oversees the finances of a strata title community. Experts in strata title regulations and financial management are essential for the smooth operation of a body corporate. In addition to ensuring efficient administration, these groups also help in the facilitation of insurance, debt collection, and tax management.

Strata title communities are fast becoming a norm on the Gold Coast

Strata living is fast becoming a common feature on the Gold Coast. It offers the convenience and cost benefits of apartment living without the hassles of managing a separate unit. The Gold Coast has a large number of Strata title communities to choose from. If you  choose strata living, you might one to sign up for Stratasphere’s body corporate services.

Strata title is a legal entity formed by the owners of a community. It is governed by a governing body that consists of all owners of the property. Although the land is privately owned, it falls under the jurisdiction of the body corporate and can be subject to discrimination legislation.

The legality of strata title is a complex issue, but there are numerous advantages. These communities are more affordable, offer higher-quality living, and are well-located. In addition, they are typically larger and more luxurious than apartments or other forms of housing. Strata title communities are also more secure. There are fewer risks of theft and vandalism than apartments or houses, and they are less expensive to maintain.

Strata title communities are governed by a body corporate

In a strata title community, a body corporate is the corporation that manages the common property and makes decisions for the development. It is an organization made up of all the owners of a strata scheme. Each lot owner is automatically a member of the body corporate, and has the right to vote and participate in decisions. It also has the power to hire contractors to perform specific roles, such as maintenance and administration. However, it can only make decisions at a general meeting called an annual general meeting (AGM). Strata title communities are required to elect a committee at every AGM to manage the day-to-day operations of the strata scheme.

In Queensland, many strata title communities are governed by a Body Corporate. In NSW and ACT, these corporations are also known as owner’s corporations. In WA, strata title communities are governed by a Strata Company.

Strata title communities are responsible for repairs and maintenance

If your community has a strata plan, it will outline the general duties of the strata company. These duties include repairs and maintenance of common property. These include pavers, decking, awnings, and tree care. If you have problems or have questions about the strata plan, contact your strata manager or strata company.

If your strata plan specifies that the strata corporation is responsible for repairs and maintenance, make sure you read the governing documents carefully. If you do not know your responsibilities, it could lead to costly mistakes and legal battles. A proactive strata management company can help residents and council members understand what their responsibilities are. This way, you and the strata corporation will know who is responsible for what.

If you live in a multi-story strata complex, you should check who is responsible for cleaning the windows. Most strata complexes are type 32a, which means that the strata company is responsible for maintaining windows.