The sad reality of things breaking down in a marriage can be a difficult situation to handle. Add to it, the stress of finding family law solicitors and you can imagine how daunting everything can be especially in this particular situation.

It is important that you have a detailed talk with your solicitor so that they are able to provide you with first hand information about the options that you have and the strategy which can help you move forward. You need to talk to the right family solicitors in Sydney so that they can give you professional legal advice.

Make sure that you keep the following things in mind before looking for family law solicitors in Sydney.

Get an initial consultation with family law solicitors in Sydney

Before you have an initial consultation it is important that you have some idea of how they are going to charge your for your first appointment. There are certain law firms which might offer initial free consultation up to 30 minutes and if you spend your time beyond those 30 minutes you would be charged on an hourly basis.

Before you go for the meeting it is also important that you provide the solicitor with a whole list of your major concerns and all the information of the incidents which you would like to discuss. If you are only going for a 30 minutes short meeting it is necessary that you are realistic and no what you want to discuss. This is a short period of time and your only be able to provide you with the general overview regarding your case. On the other hand if you want to discuss the case in detail or if it is already a complicated case you might need to spend more time with your lawyer so that they can analyze your current situation and then make a strategy about it.

Before you visit a solicitor it is necessary to see whether they are the right fit for your and whether they would be able to handle your case without any difficulty. If you are thinking about moving things along in a positive manner then you should look for a family lawyer who is known for their arbitration skills and is a member of resolution body that is responsible for handling divorce or separation in the least conflicting way possible.

On the other hand if you are looking for child custody or you want to seek about disputes regarding children arrangements then you need to have a whole record of the key events. It is essential because your solicited would need to have an idea about the problems with you might have faced because of your partners past behavior.

Make sure that any evidence that you have is kept safe and any social media post or messages should be kept in hand so that they can be referred to in the future. This would mean taking a screenshot and saving it for future reference.

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